Beth A. Baber-Furnari

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The protein kinase Chk1 enforces the DNA damage checkpoint. This checkpoint delays mitosis until damaged DNA is repaired. Chk1 regulates the activity and localization of Cdc25, the tyrosine phosphatase that activates the cdk Cdc2. Here we report that Mik1, a tyrosine kinase that inhibits Cdc2, is positively regulated by the DNA damage checkpoint. Mik1 is(More)
Mitotic checkpoints restrain the onset of mitosis (M) when DNA is incompletely replicated or damaged. These checkpoints are conserved between the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe and mammals. In both types of organisms, the methylxanthine caffeine overrides the synthesis (S)-M checkpoint that couples mitosis to completion of DNA S phase. The(More)
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