Bessie N A Mbadugha

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Alterations in protein folding and the regulation of conformational states have become increasingly important to the functionality of key molecules in signaling, cell growth, and cell death. Molecular chaperones, because of their properties in protein quality control, afford conformational flexibility to proteins and serve to integrate stress-signaling(More)
A gemini surfactant is an amphiphile possessing (in sequence) the following: hydrocarbon tail/polar group/spacer/polar group/hydrocarbon tail. Widespread interest in geminis has emerged recently from both industrial and academic laboratories. In the present contribution, two related families of geminis have been synthesized, both with trehalose, a(More)
The X-ray structure of previously studied dipeptidomimetic inhibitors bound in the active site of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) presented a possibility for optimizing the strength of enzyme-inhibitor interactions as well as for enhancing bioavailability. These desirable properties may be attainable by replacement of the terminal amino group of the(More)
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