Bess Pierce

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Histidine kinases serve as critical environmental sensing modules, and despite their designation as simple two-component modules, their functional roles are remarkably diverse. In Agrobacterium tumefaciens pathogenesis, VirA serves with VirG as the initiating sensor/transcriptional activator for inter-kingdom gene transfer and transformation of higher(More)
The yeast endocytic scaffold Pan1 contains an uncharacterized proline-rich domain (PRD) at its carboxy (C)-terminus. We report that the pan1-20 temperature-sensitive allele has a disrupted PRD due to a frame-shift mutation in the open reading frame of the domain. To reveal redundantly masked functions of the PRD, synthetic genetic array screens with a(More)
The yeast scaffold protein Pan1 contains two EH domains at its N-terminus, a predicted coiled-coil central region, and a C-terminal proline-rich domain. Pan1 is also predicted to contain regions of intrinsic disorder, characteristic of proteins that have many binding partners. In vitro biochemical data suggest that Pan1 exists as a dimer, and we have(More)
The molecular logic gates that regulate gene circuits are necessarily intricate and highly regulated, particularly in the critical commitments necessary for pathogenesis. We now report simple AND and OR logic gates to be accessible within a single protein receptor. Pathogenesis by the bacterium Rhizobium radiobacter is mediated by a single histidine kinase,(More)
OBJECTIVES Describe computed tomographic (CT) anatomy of canine lumbosacral (LS) paraspinal muscles, a method for measuring paraspinal muscle transverse area ratios and asymmetry using CT, and application of this method in a small sample of working dogs with versus without LS pain. METHODS Published anatomy references and atlases were reviewed and(More)
The plasmid pEG(KT) is a widely used plasmid for expressing high levels of GST fusion proteins in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Unfortunately, a complete sequence file has been lacking, thus complicating efforts to design cloning projects or to modify the plasmid for other uses (e.g. exchanging selection markers, epitope tags or protease cleavage(More)
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