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Besides being mandatory in the metabolic system, adipokines like leptin directly affect immunity. Leptin was found to be necessary in T helper 1 (Th1)-dependent inflammatory processes, whereas effects on Th2 cells are rarely understood. Here, we focused on leptin in T-helper cell polarization and in Th2-mediated intestinal inflammation in vivo. The(More)
Data in this study indicate that both adipocytes and preadipocytes express abroad set of TLRs and they also respond to specific stimulation by cytokine production. The may be of relevance to Crohn's disease and a suggests a closer link between adipose tissue and innate immunity.
Leptin, an adipokine mainly produced by adipocytes, has been well characterized with regard to its regulatory function on immune cells. Thus the question occurred of how adipocytes and preadipocytes interact with the immune system and whether or not this communication is regulated by leptin. With the present study we evaluated the Toll-like receptor (TLR)(More)
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