Besik I. Kankia

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The human immunodeficiency virus type 1 nucleocapsid protein (NC) is a nucleic acid chaperone that catalyzes the rearrangement of nucleic acids into their thermodynamically most stable structures. In the present study, a combination of optical and thermodynamic techniques were used to characterize the influence of NC on the secondary structure, thermal(More)
The interaction of hexamminecobalt(III), Co(NH(3))(6)(3+), with 160 and 3000-8000 bp length calf thymus DNA has been investigated by circular dichroism, acoustic and densimetric techniques. The acoustic titration curves of 160 bp DNA revealed three stages of interaction: (i) Co(NH(3))(6)(3+) binding up to the molar ratio [Co(NH(3))(6)(3+)]/[P] = 0.25, prior(More)
Direct and straightforward methods to follow nucleic acid cleavage are needed. A spectrophotometric quadruplex formation assay (QFA) was developed, which allows real-time monitoring of site-specific cleavage of nucleic acids. QFA was applied to study both protein and nucleic acid restriction enzymes, and was demonstrated to accurately determine(More)
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