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BACKGROUND Bacterial vaginosis (BV) - a syndrome characterised by a shift in vaginal flora - appears to be particularly common in sub-Saharan Africa, but little is known of the pattern of vaginal flora associated with BV in Africa. We conducted a study aimed at determining the prevalence of BV and patterns of BV-associated vaginal micro-flora among women(More)
BACKGROUND Vaginal discharge is a common complaint, particularly among women in Asia. Although presumed to be caused by reproductive tract infections (RTIs), the association between the complaint and the presence of RTIs is weak. This study aimed to investigate the risk factors of the complaint of vaginal discharge. METHODS We conducted a community-based(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine risk factors for herpes simplex 2 (HSV2) infection in women in a polygynous rural Gambian population. METHODS Data from women who participated in a cross-sectional survey of reproductive health were matched to their own and, for women who had been or were married (ever-married), their spouses' data collected in a cross-sectional(More)
Self-reported health can serve as a reliable indicator of an individual's physical health status and future morbidity and mortality. Although patients are commonly asked "How do you feel?" they are rarely asked to rate their health on a continuum of excellent to poor. This question can be helpful in ascertaining the need for further assessment or referral.