Beryl Crossley

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BACKGROUND The recommendation for population- based cystic fibrosis (CF) carrier screening by the American College of Medical Genetics for the 25 most prevalent mutations and 6 polymorphisms in the CF transmembrane regulatory gene has greatly increased clinical laboratory test volumes. We describe the development and technical validation of a DNA chip in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity and specificity of hyperglycosylated hCG (hhCG) measurements for the diagnosis of clinical pregnancies in the IVF setting and how soon post embryo transfer (ET) a pregnancy can be detected using an ultrasensitive (hhCG) assay. To determine if a single, early hhCG measurement can discriminate between biochemical and(More)
The College of American Pathologists molecular pathology checklist item (MOL.20550) calls for periodic review of molecular genetic statistics, including percentages of normal and abnormal findings and allele frequencies. A web-based query tool application for clinical molecular genetic test results was developed to plot dynamically and display genotype(More)
Several targeted therapies have been approved for treatment of solid tumors. Identification of gene mutations that indicate response to these therapies is rapidly progressing. A 34-gene next-generation sequencing (NGS) panel, developed and validated by us, was evaluated to detect additional mutations in community-based cancer specimens initially sent to our(More)
  • Spiramycin Clarithromycin, Azithromycin Clindamycin, +497 authors Kazuhiro Yamada
  • 2012
Comments • legend: red: drug resistant; green: drug susceptible; yellow: intermediate drug resistant; gray: contrary information of no CLSI interpretation; white: not information is found, • drug susceptibility information for the strain TW20 was confirmed by e-mail correspondence with the authors of [16] • drug susceptibility information for the strain(More)
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