Bery Leouro Mbaiossoum

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Nowadays, domain ontologies are largely advocated by industrial and academic communities. This adoption gives raise to new needs for managing large amounts of ontological instances. Several ontological formalisms were proposed. Persistency solutions were developed for storing these instances in DBMS. Note that each DBMS has its own architecture and storage(More)
Ontologies are more and more used in information systems. When the size of data described by ontologies can not be manage in main memory, information system designers have to use specialized databases called semantic databases. As these databases use different architectures, storage layouts and ontology languages, this task is complex. In this paper, we(More)
The spectacular use of ontologies generates a big amount of semantic instances. To facilitate their management, a new type of databases, called semantic databases (SDB) is launched. Large panoply of these SDB exists. Three main characteristics may be used to differentiate them: (i) the storage layouts for storing instances and the ontology, (ii) ontology(More)
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