Bertrand Zavidovique

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In this paper, we propose " stable marriages " algorithms based on a novel representation called marriage table. After explaining how properties as global satisfaction, sex equality and stability show in the representation, we define 3 algorithms corresponding to 3 different scans of the marriage table to meet progressively all constraints. The performance(More)
We present a novel image feature descriptor for rotation-ally invariant 2D texture classification. This extends our previous work on noise-resistant and intensity-shift invariant median binary patterns (MBPs), which use binary pattern vectors based on adaptive median thresholding. In this paper the MBPs are hashed to a binary chain or equivalence class(More)
This paper introduces a direction-sensitive and locally reorientable compact binary tree, called the Z ; tree, for representing digital images. A rotation operation is deened on a subset of its node, called square nodes, to spatially reorganize the four grand children of any g i v en square-node. The goal is to adapt the Z ; tree in order to produce a(More)
We present a new technique for content based image retrieval using motif cooccurrence matrix (MCM). The MCM is derived from the motif transformed image. The whole image is divided into 2 £ 2 pixel grids. Each grid is replaced by a scan motif that minimizes the local gradient while traversing the 2 £ 2 grid forming a motif transformed image. The MCM is then(More)
This article introduces two fast algorithms for Connected Component Labeling of binary images, a peculiar case of coloring. The first one, Selkow DT is pixel-based and a Selkow's algorithm combined with the Decision Tree optimization technique. The second one called Light Speed Labeling is segment-based line-relative labeling and was especially thought for(More)