Bertrand Vigouroux

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The noninvasive evaluation of the cardiac function presents a great interest for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Cardiac tagged MRI allows the measurement of anatomical and functional myocardial parameters. This protocol generates a dark grid which is deformed with the myocardium. Tracking the grid allows the displacement estimation in the(More)
Image segmentation is an important stage in many applications such as image, video and computer processing. Generally image interpretation depends on it. The materials and methods used to demonstrate are described. The results are presented and analyzed. Several approaches and algorithms for image segmentation have been developed, but it is difficult to(More)
RÉSUMÉ : L'évolution temporelle des propriétés géométriques d'un lot de 393 semences de maïs placées dans un incubateur de Jacobsen a pu être mesurée grâce au développement d'une chaîne automatisée d'acquisition et de traitement d'images couleur. Par l'analyse de ces propriétés géométriques, nous montrons que (i) la compacité des semences est un bon(More)
This work is a contribution to Adequation between Algorithm and Architecture. It presents an example of application made with SynDEx, a software environment to implement signal processing or automatic algorithms on multiprocessor network. This communication shows that a Conditioned Data Flow Graph used for modelling an algorithm, is enough to do an(More)
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