Bertrand Viellerobe

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This paper presents an integrated endoscope-compatible Fibered Confocal Fluorescence Microscope (FCFM) for medical imaging, the F400. In situ high resolution images can be obtained thanks to a set of flexible miniaturized optical probes of 0.5 to 1.5 mm diameter that can be inserted through the working channel of an endoscope. We briefly present in this(More)
A fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) technology platform intended to read out changes in Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) efficiency is presented for the study of protein interactions across the drug-discovery pipeline. FLIM provides a robust, inherently ratiometric imaging modality for drug discovery that could allow the same sensor constructs to(More)
We report the design and implementation of spectroscopic and multicolor imaging capabilities into a fibered confocal fluorescence microscope (FCFM) already capable of in vivo imaging. The real time imaging device and the high resolution fiber probe make this system the first reported capable of performing multi color detection in the field of FCFM. The(More)
A flexible multicore fiber bundle is fed by temporally and spectrally shaped femtosecond pulses allowing for the pre-compensation of both chromatic dispersion and non-linear effects encountered in the bundle. We demonstrate that the pulse duration at the fiber bundle output can be significantly reduced in comparison with linear pre-compensation only. The(More)
Fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy (FCFM) is a new technique that can be used during a bronchoscopy to analyze the nature of the human bronchial and alveolar mucosa fluorescence microstructure. An endoscopic fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy system with spectroscopic analysis capability was developed allowing real-time, simultaneous images and(More)
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