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The strong competition in today's market increases the level of requirement in terms of functionality and quality of products. At the same time, the complexity of the design process is increasing, whereas product development time is decreasing. Such constraints on design activities require efficient CAD systems and adapted CAD methodologies. Contemporary(More)
• We describe the particular constraints of design in the automotive industry. • An efficient use of parametric CAD requires a clear strategy. • Roadmap for CAD methodologies and KBE approach. • It can be used by CAD managers in the automotive industry. a b s t r a c t 3D CAD systems are used in product design for simultaneous engineering and to improve(More)
The new ways of designing products imply tight collaboration between actors and many knowledge exchanges between trades issued from various origins. Some conflicting situations can nevertheless occur. This article proposes a dynamic protocol defining the way of resolving conflicts as well as a data model allowing capitalizing the exchanged data; both(More)
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