Bertrand Ravera

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In this demonstration, we will show the different modules related to the automatic surveillance prototype developed in the context of the EU VANAHEIM project. Several components will be demonstrated on real data from the Torino metro. First, different unsupervised activity modeling algorithms that capture recurrent activities from long recordings will be(More)
This paper proposes an unsupervised method for real time detection of abnormal events in the context of audio surveillance. Based on training a One-Class Support Vector Machine (OC-SVM) to model the distribution of the normality (ambience), we propose to construct sets of decision functions. This modification allows controlling the trade-off between(More)
Even if the speaker recognition field is very dynamic, few studies concern the constraints linked to the use of a speaker recognition system inside a professional telecommunication network. This paper deals with this problem and proposes some adaptation of such system in the focus of a real world network monitoring application. This work is specifically(More)
This paper presents a multi-modal health and activity monitoring framework that enables abnormal event detection and long term evaluation of the health of elderly people at home. We describe its integration with the ESTIA [1] Residential Gateway and detail the demonstration scenario we developed involving different kinds of sensing modules.
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