Bertrand Peny

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Pharmacological characterization of [3H]benzodiazepine binding to membrane preparations of adult rat hippocampus and neonatal rat brain have demonstrated, in addition to the omega 1 and omega 2 populations of central omega benzodiazepine binding sites associated with GABAA receptors, the existence of binding sites with microM affinity for the(More)
The in vivo selectivity for central omega (benzodiazepine) modulatory site subtypes of ligands from several chemical classes has been evaluated by measuring the displacement of the in vivo binding of [3H]flumazenil to several rat central nervous system structures differentially enriched in omega 1 and omega 2 sites. This labeling was prevented in a(More)
Seven days after unilateral middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats, peripheral type benzodiazepine binding sites (PTBBS), using [3H]PK 11195 as a specific radioligand, were greatly increased in the cortical and striatal regions surrounding the focus of infarction with smaller increases in the ventrolateral and posterior thalamic complexes and in the(More)
Zolpidem is a novel hypnotic drug which possesses preferential affinity, under in vitro conditions, for the omega 1 (BZD1) subtype of BZD binding sites. In the present study the in vivo interaction of zolpidem with mouse brain BZD binding sites, as labeled by i.v. injection of [3H]Ro 15-1788, has been investigated. Intraperitoneal administration of zolpidem(More)
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Intravenous injection of 5 muCi of [3H]ifenprodil to mice resulted in an accumulation of radioactivity in the whole brain which was maximal at 5 min postinjection and then declined in a biphasic manner. When whole brain radioactivity was measured 2 h after [3H]ifenprodil injection, more than 65% of the incorporated label was displaced by i.p. administration(More)
In this paper, we present efficient and simple image segmentations based on the solution of two separate Eikonal equations, each originating from a different region. Distance functions from the interior and exterior regions are computed, and final segmentation labels are determined by a competition criterion between the distance functions. We also consider(More)
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