Bertrand Nouvel

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A discrete rotation algorithm can be apprehended as a parametric map fα from Z[i] to Z[i], whose resulting permutation “looks like” the map induced by an Euclidean rotation. For this kind of algorithm, to be incremental means to compute successively all the intermediate rotated copies of an image for angles in-between 0 and a destination angle. The(More)
This paper reports our experiments for three TRECVID 2010 tasks: instance search, semantic indexing, and content-based copy detection. For the instance search task, we present a simple approach that uses face-specific features for PERSON and CHARACTER queries and a combination of local and global features for the OBJECT and LOCATION queries. For the(More)
PyCVF is an open source framework for computer vision and video-mining. It allows rapid development of applications and it provides standardized tools for common operations such as : browsing datasets, applying transformations to one dataset on-the-fly, computing features, indexing multimedia datasets, querying for nearest-neighbors, training a statistical(More)