Bertrand Nogarede

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The optimal design of electrical machines can be mathematically modeled as a (mixed-integer) nonlinear optimization problem. We investigate the impact of different mathematical formulations on the results obtained using a local optimization solver which is well-known in the engineering community: MatLab's fmincon function. Our analysis is based on six(More)
—In this paper, we discuss, through a simple example, the impact of two different but equivalent formulations used by standard local optimization solvers (here fmincon of MatLab). We show that even if the two formulations are equivalent in a mathematical sense (no loss of global optima) it is not completely true in a numerical way; using 1000 starting(More)
This paper focuses on the analysis, the modeling and the control of a linear-switched reluctance motor. The application under consideration is medical, and the actuator is to be used as a left ventricular assist device. The actuator has a cylindrical or tubular shape, with a mechanical unidirectional valve placed inside the mover, which provides a pulsatile(More)
This study is focused on the IGBT wire bond behaviour. We apply a direct current flow within the wire to reproduce the thermal cycling test used in reliability studies. On one hand we compare the temperature distribution between 3D FEM simulation and the experimental temperature measurement. We also point out the Von-Mises stress obtained. On the other hand(More)
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