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Argos-3 Satellite Communication System: Implementation on the Arvor Oceanographic Profiling Floats
AbstractThe scientific community observes the ocean for applications in the fields of oceanography and climate research. To recover in situ data, more than 3000 profiling floats are operated in theExpand
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Toward community standards and software for whole-cell modeling
We propose several new WC modeling standards, software, and databases for biological research, bioengineering, and medicine. Expand
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The EGIM, a generic instrumental module to equip EMSO observatories
The EGIM, EMSO Generic Instrumental Module, developed within the frame of the European project “EmsoDev”, is designed to consistently and continuously measure parameters of interest for the scienceExpand
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Environmental impact of French dairy cattle livestock farming systems
Environmental issues are now at the heart of the debates concerning the evolution of dairy production systems. The challenge of the next few years lies in supplying dairy products while insuringExpand
IFREMER - Flotteur ARVOR : la génération ARGOS-3
Le departement Recherche et Developpement Technologique de l'Ifremer travaille sur l'integration des emetteurs Argos-3 dans le flotteur Arvor. Des nouveaux flotteurs optiimises dont le premierExpand
Bi-directionnal satellite communications on new profiling floats
This article describes the work that has been done by Ifremer regarding the implementation of bi-directional satellite communications on the Arvor profiling floats. The use of Iridium and Argos-3 isExpand
optical deflection system