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MacDraw, MacWrite, Macintosh are trade marks of Apple Computer Co. T E Xis a trade mark of the American Math. Society. Introduction 1. Partial differential equations of fluid mechanics. 7 ... The Unseen grew visible to student eyes, Explained was the immense Inconscient's scheme, Audacious lines were traced upon the void; The Infinite was reduced to square(More)
This two-part paper examines two approaches for mesh adaptation, using combinations of a posteriori error estimates and domain decomposition. In the first part, we consider a domain decomposition method applied to the generalized Stokes problem, with mesh adaptation in each subdomain using the a posteri-ori local error estimator as adaptation indicator. We(More)
The main goal of this paper is to study adaptive mesh techniques, using a posteriori error estimates, for the nite element solution of the Navier-Stokes equations modeling steady and unsteady ows of viscous uids. Among existing operator splitting techniques, the-scheme is used for time integration of the Navier-Stokes equations. Then a posteriori error(More)
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