Bertrand Luvison

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Crowd behavior analysis has recently emerged as an increasingly important and dedicated problem for crowd monitoring and management in the visual surveillance community. In particular, it is receiving a lot of attention to detect potentially dangerous situations and to prevent overcrowdedness. In this paper, we propose to quantify crowd properties by a rich(More)
This paper presents a generic unsupervised learning based solution to unexpected event detection from a static uncalibrated camera. The system can be represented into a probabilistic framework in which the detection is achieved by a likelihood based decision. We propose an original method to approximate the likelihood function using a sparse vector machine(More)
Crowd behaviour analysis is a challenging task in computer vision, mainly due to the high complexity of the interactions between groups and individuals. This task is particularly crucial given the magnitude of manual monitoring required for effective crowd management. Within this context, a key challenge is to conceive a highly generic, fine and(More)
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