Bertrand Le Roux

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Malignant esophago-respiratory fistula is an incurable condition calsing severe distress to those patients suffering from it. Sixty two successive patients with esophago-respiratory fistulae, secondary to squamous cell carcinomas of the esophagus, were intubated for palliation. The first 14 were intubated by a traction technique using the Celestin tube, and(More)
Of 4,000 patients with bronchial carcinoma, a small peripheral tumour in 17 was managed by segmental resection because the lesion palpated at thoracotomy was thought to be tuberculous, because the segment in which the tumour lay was separated from adjacent lung by an anatomically complete fissure, or to avoid unnecessary limitation of an already diminished(More)
BACKGROUND Management strategies conceived to improve patient safety in anesthesia have rarely been assessed prospectively. The authors undertook a prospective evaluation of a predefined algorithm for unanticipated difficult airway management. METHODS After a 2-month period of training in airway management, 41 anesthesiologists were asked to follow a(More)
The range of cardiac surgery in pregnancy has been extended from procedures such as mitral valvulotomy and repair of aortic coarctation to include a variety of 'open-heart' operations undertaken with the aid of cardiopulmonary bypass (Ueland, 1965; Zitnik, Brandenburg, Sheldon, and Wallace, 1969). Rheumatic and congenital lesions are the forms of heart(More)
Only 1 case of lymphomatoid granulomatosis has previously been reported from South Africa. Experience with 4 such adult patients (2 blacks and 2 whites) is described. These patients were followed up for 15-48 months and none developed evidence of a lymphoma during this period. Fever, weight loss, cough and breathlessness were prominent symptoms in all(More)