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We consider linear ill-posed inverse problems y = Ax, in which we want to infer many count parameters x from few count observations y, where the matrix A is binary and has some unimodularity property. Such problems are typical in applications such as contingency table analysis and network tomog-raphy (on which we present testing results). These properties(More)
We consider here an election ballot as a document, a document that works as the carrier of a voter's choice in an election's accounting system for determining a winning candidate. And we consider a voting system as a way to manage both the document and its flow in compliance with the requirements of the election. Trustworthy elections are the core of a(More)
T-curves are piecewise linear curves which have been used with success since the beginning of the 1990's to construct new real algebraic curves with prescribed topol-ogy mainly on the real projective plane (see [11,7,3]). In fact T-curves can be used on any real projective toric surface. We generalize here the construction of the latter by departing from(More)
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