Bertrand Gilles

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Understanding the genetic architecture of adaptive traits has been at the centre of modern evolutionary biology since Fisher; however, evaluating how the genetic architecture of ecologically important traits influences their diversification has been hampered by the scarcity of empirical data. Now, high-throughput genomics facilitates the detailed(More)
We present an ongoing work in the domain of mixed-signal board maintenance testing, supported by an industrial case study. We propose a method providing a semi-automation and an help for the board maintenance testing and diagnosis stages. It is validated by the implementation of a prototype tool. 1. MOTIVATION The test is an activity which takes place all(More)
In the context of maintenance testing and diagnosis of faulty boards, a functional FSM (Finite State Machine)-based model for mixed-signal board has been introduced. The board is broken down into interconnected functional blocks. Each block has an associated functional model which describes its behavior and a test model which specifies how the block can be(More)
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