Bertrand Gagnière

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INTRODUCTION Clinical diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears (Lachman test and Pivot shift test in valgus and internal rotation) is reliable in case of complete ACL tear but reveals elusive in case of partial tears. Quantitative assessment of anterior tibial translation proves to be imprecise, subjective and poorly reproducible especially with(More)
The relationship between migraine and blood pressure is controversial. We studied the association between migraine and blood pressure in a population-based sample of elderly patients. Participants were 1373 subjects 59-71 years of age. Lifetime migraine was diagnosed according to the International Headache Society criteria by a headache specialist. Blood(More)
Accurate measurement of laxity after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is usually performed with the KT-1000 arthrometer, and reproducibility and reliability are discussed. A new arthrometer, the GNRB®, has been recently developed in an attempt to improve intra- and inter-examiner reproducibility. The aim of this diagnostic study was to evaluate the(More)
In the framework of a cohort study of pregnant women conducted in Brittany (France), we assessed the exposure to trihalomethanes (THM) during pregnancy in a subset by evaluating (1) potential sources of variability in household THM levels; (2) the between- and within-subject variability in THM levels; (3) THM levels in swimming pools; and (4) the role of(More)
Although prenatal exposure to water disinfection by-products does not appear to affect the duration of gestation, its impact on fetal growth remains an open question. The authors studied the associations between prenatal exposure to disinfection by-products and fetal growth restriction (FGR) and preterm birth in the PELAGIE cohort, a French birth cohort(More)
Large quantities of radioactive materials released over time from the Mayak nuclear weapons facility caused significant internal and external exposure for people living along the banks of the Techa River (Southern Urals, Russia). We conducted a nested case-control study in the Extended Techa River Cohort to determine whether the risk of leukaemia incidence(More)
The Chernobyl accident (April 26, 1986) exposed a large part of the Belarus population to ionizing radiation. We analyzed the time trends of Down syndrome (DS) in Belarus to evaluate whether either brief exposure at high dose rates during the plume passage or continuous exposure at low doses and dose rates of the residents of contaminated areas had any(More)
PURPOSE To determine the respective functions of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the anterolateral structures (ALSs) in controlling the tibia's passive internal rotation (IR) with respect to the femur, under uniaxial rotation. METHODS To test the function of the ACL and the anterolateral ligament (ALL) in IR, we designed a sequential transection(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the agreement between lay interviewers and experts in the diagnosis of migraine by questionnaire. SUBJECTS A population based sample of 1188 individuals aged 64 to 73 years. METHODS Participants who declared that they had recurrent headaches (n = 238) answered a structured questionnaire by lay interviewers with special training in(More)
HCV infection is rapidly acquired after drug addicts first inject drug intravenously. The risk behaviors accompanying the first intravenous substance injection are not well known. We used in 1997 a structured questionnaire to investigate the relationships between risk behaviors at the first injection and current reported HCV status. We interviewed 151(More)