Bertrand Evrard

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The response of the immune system to probiotics remains controversial. Some strains modulate the cytokine production of dendritic cells (DCs) in vitro and induce a regulatory response, while others induce conversely a pro-inflammatory response. These strain-dependent effects are thought to be linked to specific interactions between bacteria and pattern(More)
BACKGROUND Mammalian spermatogenesis is a process that involves a complex expression program in both somatic and germ cells present in the male gonad. A number of studies have attempted to define the transcriptome of male meiosis and gametogenesis in rodents and primates. Few human transcripts, however, have been associated with testicular somatic cells and(More)
plete and accurate reporting of studies of diagnostic accuracy: the STARD initiative. To the Editor: Measurement of immunoglobulin ␬ and ␭ free light chains (FLC) has improved the diagnostic evaluation and monitoring of monoclonal gam-mopathies (1), particularly light chain multiple myeloma (2), nonse-cretory multiple myeloma, plasma-cytoma, systemic(More)
Antifactor H antibody (anti-CFHAb) is found in 6% to 25% cases of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) in children, but has been only exceptionally reported in adults. There is no consensus about the best treatment for this type of aHUS. We report the case of an adult patient treated successfully with plasma exchange (PE), steroids, and rituximab.A(More)
BACKGROUND Peanut allergy is an increasingly common health problem. Current treatment guidelines are based on strict avoidance. However, in the last few years, oral immunotherapy protocols have shown promising results yielding increased tolerance to peanut in allergic children. Adolescence is particularly at risk. METHODS/DESIGN We have designed a(More)
Despite the essential role played by spermatogonia in testicular function, little is known about these cells. To improve our understanding of their biology, our group recently identified a set of 53 spermatogonial proteins using two-dimensional (2-D) gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. To continue this work, we investigated a subset of the(More)
We report the development of the ReproGenomics Viewer (RGV), a multi- and cross-species working environment for the visualization, mining and comparison of published omics data sets for the reproductive science community. The system currently embeds 15 published data sets related to gametogenesis from nine model organisms. Data sets have been curated and(More)
Bacterial vaginosis (BV), the most common genital infection in reproductive-aged women, is associated with increased risk of sexually transmitted infections. Its etiology remains unclear, especially the role of Gardnerella (G.) vaginalis, an anaerobic bacterium characteristic of the BV-alteration of the vaginal ecosystem. In the genital mucosa, dendritic(More)
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