Bertrand Ducourthial

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A preliminary version of this work appears in [16]. The final version of this work can be found in [17]. Abstract This paper describes a parametrized distributed algorithm applicable to any directed graph topology. The function parameter of our algorithm is instantiated to produce distributed algorithms for both fundamental and high level applications, such(More)
A Vehicular Ad hoc Network is a collection of mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any established infrastructure. This flexibility in space and time induces new challenges towards the security needed to support secure communications. Indeed, VANET are subject to attacks due to their vulnerabilities; one of the most compromising(More)
— Vehicular networks are a class of mobile networks in which vehicles are equipped with radio interfaces and are therefore able to communicate with an infrastructure (if existing) or other vehicles in an opportunistic way. Information dissemination enjoys wide applicability in these types of networks, ranging from traffic information and warnings, to(More)