Bertrand Ducourthial

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This work deals with the termination of global computations performed in a distributed network of computing entities deened as follows. Each computing entity computes with a given operator a single value using those it receives from its direct ancestors in the network. This value is then sent to its direct descendants. The network is supplied at the(More)
We propose a group membership service for dynamic ad hoc networks. It maintains as long as possible the existing groups and ensures that each group diameter is always smaller than a constant, fixed according to the application using the groups. The proposed protocol is self-stabilizing and works in dynamic distributed systems. Moreover, it ensures a kind of(More)
A preliminary version of this work appears in [16]. The final version of this work can be found in [17]. Abstract This paper describes a parametrized distributed algorithm applicable to any directed graph topology. The function parameter of our algorithm is instantiated to produce distributed algorithms for both fundamental and high level applications, such(More)