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This work deals with the termination of global computations performed in a distributed network of computing entities deened as follows. Each computing entity computes with a given operator a single value using those it receives from its direct ancestors in the network. This value is then sent to its direct descendants. The network is supplied at the(More)
We propose a group membership service for dynamic ad hoc networks. It maintains as long as possible the existing groups and ensures that each group diameter is always smaller than a constant, fixed according to the application using the groups. The proposed protocol is self-stabilizing and works in dynamic distributed systems. Moreover, it ensures a kind of(More)
A Vehicular Ad hoc Network is a collection of mobile hosts forming a temporary network without the aid of any established infrastructure. This flexibility in space and time induces new challenges towards the security needed to support secure communications. Indeed, VANET are subject to attacks due to their vulnerabilities; one of the most compromising(More)