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Studies in invertebrates have led to the identification of a number of genes that regulate lifespan, some of which encode components of the insulin or insulin-like signalling pathways. Examples include the related tyrosine kinase receptors InR (Drosophila melanogaster) and DAF-2 (Caenorhabditis elegans) that are homologues of the mammalian insulin-like(More)
The effects of the selective CCK-B agonists, BC 264 and BC 197, and the nonselective CCK agonist BDNL were investigated in the elevated plus-maze in rats. BDNL and BC 197 induced anxiogeniclike effects, in contrast to BC 264, which had no effect. The behavioral responses induced by BDNL were not significantly blocked by L-365,260, but were suppressed by(More)
Astrocytes send out long processes that are terminated by endfeet at the vascular surface and regulate vascular functions as well as homeostasis at the vascular interface. To date, the astroglial mechanisms underlying these functions have been poorly addressed. Here we demonstrate that a subset of messenger RNAs is distributed in astrocyte endfeet. We(More)
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