Bertrand Decharme

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The analysis of feedback phenomena which occur between continental surfaces and the atmosphere is one of the keys to an improved understanding of African Monsoon dynamics. For this reason the monitoring of surface parameters, in particular soil moisture, is very important. The present paper presents a new methodology for the estimation of surface soil(More)
This discussion paper is/has been under review for the journal Geoscientific Model Development (GMD). Please refer to the corresponding final paper in GMD if available. Abstract SURFEX is a new externalized land and ocean surface platform that describes the surface fluxes and the evolution of four types of surface: nature, town, inland water and ocean. It(More)
[1] Given their strong interaction with both climate and the carbon cycle, wetlands and surface waters need to be parameterized in global general circulation models. For this purpose, a new simple flooding river scheme is proposed and evaluated over South America. The flood dynamics is described through the coupling between the ISBA land surface model and(More)
Available online xxxx Keywords: Soil moisture Time series analysis Radar ERS scatterometer Western Africa s u m m a r y The analysis of feedback effects between continental surfaces and the atmosphere is a key element in the understanding of African monsoon dynamics. For this reason, the monitoring of surface parameters, in particular soil moisture, is(More)
[1] Vegetation attributes impact the Earth's carbon, water, and energy budgets by controlling the exchanges between the lower atmosphere and the continental biosphere. One of the most important factors is the distribution of the absorbed fraction of solar radiation within vegetation as it constrains the photosynthesis rate. The Interactions(More)
During the 1970s and 1980s, West Africa has faced extreme climate variations with extended drought conditions. Of particular importance is the Niger basin, since it traverses a large part of the Sahel and is thus a critical source of water for an ever-increasing local population in this semi arid region. However, the understanding of the hydrological(More)
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