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A contradiction between the reported privacy concerns and observed privacy behaviour of users of social networking sites has been reported. To understand this contradiction this paper examines factors that influence privacy behaviour of users on social networking sites. Participants in this study were freshmen studying IT recruited from Nelson Mandela(More)
Dr. Math is a South African math tutoring service, which allows high school learners to use a mobile phone-based chat application to contact volunteer tutors. The learners structure their queries in a form of microtext, which the tutors find difficult to interpret. This study presents an automated process as a means to normalise a Dr. Math microtext-based(More)
Plagiarism is an issue that all educators have had to deal with. Large numbers of students and assignments have resulted in the development of automated systems to detect code similarities with the aim of identifying cases that may have been plagiarised. These systems are of great value to assessors, allowing them to process submissions automatically.(More)
Systems based on optical mark recognition (OMR) provide a means to address rising student numbers in university modules. Developing a system which addresses the needs of a specific module provides added flexibility to enhance the teaching environment. The process is complicated by responses which have been selected and then deselected by the respondent.This(More)
Research on internet users reports a gap between reported privacy concerns and observed privacy behavior. This gap has also been reported on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. This current study explores the extent of this gap by examining individual Facebook components. Unlike the previous studies that have explored reported privacy(More)
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