Bertram D Henderson

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Twenty-six highly polymorphic markers were used to determine the origin of the extra haploid chromosome set in 6 triploid fetuses of type II phenotype. All had reached the third trimester of pregnancy. The extra set was maternal in origin in all cases, supporting previous research indicating longer in utero survival of maternally-derived triploid fetuses.(More)
BACKGROUND Osteogenesis imperfecta is a heritable disorder of bone connective tissue. Type III has a high incidence in the black pop-ulation of South Africa. Affected people experience numerous fractures, bone pain and progressive disability. Until the introduction of bisphosphonates to reduce fracture incidence, treatment revolved around orthopaedic and(More)
To ensure efficient genome duplication, cells have evolved numerous factors that promote unperturbed DNA replication and protect, repair and restart damaged forks. Here we identify downstream neighbor of SON (DONSON) as a novel fork protection factor and report biallelic DONSON mutations in 29 individuals with microcephalic dwarfism. We demonstrate that(More)
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