Bertold Brecht

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We report on the implementation of a time-multiplexed click detection scheme to probe quantum correlations between different spatial optical modes. We demonstrate that such measurement setups can uncover nonclassical correlations in multimode light fields even if the single mode reductions are purely classical. The nonclassical character of correlated(More)
The purpose of this thesis work was to compare different types of electrode substrates in order to select the best in respect to its ability to maintain a true mercury film on its surface, and show its potential applicability for the speciation of trace metals. The complete system, as developed for this research, permits the simultaneous control of(More)
In the last few decades, there has been much progress on low loss waveguides, very efficient photon-number detectors and nonlinear processes. Engineered sum-frequency conversion is now at a stage where it allows operation on arbitrary temporal broadband modes, thus making the spectral degree of freedom accessible for information coding. Hereby the(More)
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