Bertinho Andrade da Costa

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BACKGROUND The permutation entropy, the approximate entropy, and the index of consciousness are some of the most recently studied electroencephalogram-derived indexes. In this work, a thorough comparison of these indexes was performed using propofol anesthesia in a rabbit model. METHODS Six rabbits were anesthetized with three propofol infusion rates: 70,(More)
This paper presents a hand-held microsystem based on new fully integrated magnetoresistive biochips for biomolecular recognition (DNA hybridisation, antibody antigen interaction, etc.). These biochips use magnetic field arraying of magnetically tagged biomolecules and high sensitivity sensors which potentially detect single or few biomolecules.(More)
This paper addresses the local identifiability and sensitivity properties of two classes of Wiener models for the neuromuscular blockade and depth of hypnosis, when drug dose profiles like the ones commonly administered in the clinical practice are used as model inputs. The local parameter identifiability was assessed based on the singular value(More)
This paper explores the adaptive predictive Musmar algorithm to control the temperature of material samples in a solar furnace. Solar furnaces are devices that are powered by concentrated solar energy and are used in material stress applications. Solar furnaces are characterized by having a nonlinear dynamics, the nonlinear effect between the incident(More)
We conducted a study on the factors predictive of early mortality (within 30 days of onset of symptoms) in a clinical series of 94 patients at their first stroke. Irrespective of the type of stroke, ischemic or hemorrhagic, early mortality proved to correlate with clinical parameters, such as coma at onset, presence of paralysis, changes in ocular motility,(More)
A parallel computer architecture and a distributed software platform for automation and control of general anesthesia is proposed in this paper. The system is a prototype research platform, intended to help on the development, simulation and test of new control algorithms for general anesthesia. It must be safe when used in real tests and flexible enough to(More)