Bertinho A. Costa

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BACKGROUND The permutation entropy, the approximate entropy, and the index of consciousness are some of the most recently studied electroencephalogram-derived indexes. In this work, a thorough comparison of these indexes was performed using propofol anesthesia in a rabbit model. METHODS Six rabbits were anesthetized with three propofol infusion rates: 70,(More)
A major obstacle in the design of controllers to regulate the depth of anesthesia (DoA) consists in the high model uncertainty due to inter-patient variability. Surprisingly, the use of control design methods that explicitly tackle this problem is almost absent from the literature on automatic control of anesthesia. In this work, a DoA controller is(More)
Solar furnaces are devices employed in high temperature material stress tests that use concentrated solar energy. This process has a nonlinear dynamics caused by a fourth power temperature term and by the nonlinear behavior of the shutter. Sun power variability due to weather conditions may affect the operation of a solar furnace if it is not compensated by(More)
This paper explores a control architecture for a solar furnace that uses active cooling to improve the temperature reference tracking during the decreasing phase of the reference. This is done in conjunction with the command of the shutter that adjusts the incident power and compensates sun power variability due to weather conditions. The controller uses(More)
Temperature control of heat transfer fluids plays an important role in the efficiency of concentrating solar power (CSP) systems that are used to convert solar energy to thermal and electrical energy. In this paper the temperature control of a parabolic trough system is considered. Several factors may affect the temperature of the fluid such as the solar(More)
This article explores the structure of the Gompertz-Logistic generalized model, that describes several cancer types, to design drug administration profiles. The aim is to handle the nonlinear behaviour of the generalized model such that the tumor size follows a decreasing reference target. Since the Gompertz model can be transformed in a linear dynamical(More)
This article describes an approach to design a temperature controller for a solar tower receiver that receives concentrated solar energy from a field of heliostats and is employed to transfers energy to a heat transfer fluid (HTF), such as molten salt. During the operation of solar receiver, its temperature and the temperature of the HTF fluid must be(More)
The reversible state of a general anesthesia encompasses three components: hypnosis, paralysis and analgesia. In this paper design and implementation issues of the controllers used to maintain paralysis and hypnosis are presented. The controllers are designed from model databases of compartmental models and rely on the H∞ method. In order to cope with the(More)