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Companies order, receive, and pay for goods. Hence they continually receive and process invoices. For the most part these are printed on paper and are dealt with manually, so that each invoice after receipt involves processing costs of about 9 Euro on average. Often, human searching and typing of data into computer forms is required to transfer the(More)
Although Information Visualization claims to provide the means to induce mental models of any kind of data, the visualization of semantic information is still an open field of research. Existing approaches either concentrate on the visualization of documents without additional meta-data or produce unintuitive expert graphics. This paper seeks to fill this(More)
Although the Internet is increasingly emerging as " the " widespread platform for information interchange , day-today work in companies still necessitates the laborious, manual processing of huge amounts of printed documents. This article presents the system smartFIX, a document analysis and understanding system developed by the DFKI spin-off insiders(More)
The development of software is often accompanied by poor documentation of experiences, decisions, or architectural information. Reuse of experiences and knowledge, using the lightweight Wiki-Technology, promises a sustainable assurance and availability of business-critical information. In this paper we give an overview of the RISE research project (Reuse In(More)
Although the internet offers a widespread platform for information interchange, day-today work in large companies still means the processing of tens of thousands of printed documents every day. This paper presents the system smartFIX which is a document analysis and understanding system deve l-oped by the DFKI spin-off INSIDERS. It permits the processing of(More)
Document Analysis and Understanding (DAU) is a complex AI application with high industrial impact. For the increasing demands upon the bandwidth and quality of the analysis it is crucial to enable diierent analysis modules to collaborate. For making collaboration possible, we rst examine the question whether there exists a common ontological basis which can(More)
In this paper, we will introduce BRITE, an Integrated Project sponsored by the European Union starting in 2006. The aim of BRITE is to exploit Semantic Web technologies in order to enable interoperation in a transnational scenario, namely processes between institutions that concert the registration of businesses in the European Union. While technically the(More)