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In a continuing screening and intervention programme in Malmó, elevated serum-gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) values were used for selection of heavy drinkers. The study population consisted of 585 individuals born 1926-1933 with two consecutive GGT values in the upper decile of the GGT distribution, randomly allocated either to an intervention group of to(More)
In a material of 3596 oral glucose tolerance tests (OGTT) performed in a population investigation of middle-aged males in Malmö, fasting and 120 min values of blood glucose and plasma insulin immunoreactivity (IRI) were studied while taking factors like body weight, smoking, alcohol, gastric resection and selfreported diabetes heredity into account. The(More)
The causes of premature death and the associated risk factors were analysed in a cohort of 7935 middle aged men participating in a preventive population programme in Malmö. They were screened when aged 46-48 and then followed up for 3(1/2)-8 years. Two hundred and eighteen died, of whom 181 (83%) underwent necropsy. Three major causes of death were(More)
A series of 158 hypertensive patients was treated with propranolol alone or in combination with other drugs for periods up to one year. The study was performed at four medical centers in Sweden (Göteborg, Uppsala, Uddevalla and Borås). The average daily dose was 326 mg daily. In 14 patients the drug was withdrawn because of side-effects. The main(More)
In an on-going population study in Malmö, serum-gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) is utilized both in biochemical screening of high alcohol consumption and as a tool in further investigation, treatment and control of middle-aged men with screening GGT in the top decile of the distribution. For this purpose, a special outpatient clinic has been instituted and(More)