Bertil Hök

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Many patients in pre-hospital and emergency care are under the influence of alcohol. In addition, some of the more common pathological conditions can introduce a behaviour that can be mistaken to be related to alcohol inebriation. Fast quantitative determination of the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) in emergency patients facilitates triage and medical(More)
Breath alcohol screening is important for traffic safety, access control and other areas of health promotion. A family of sensor devices useful for these purposes is being developed and evaluated. This paper is focusing on algorithms for the determination of breath alcohol concentration in diluted breath samples using carbon dioxide to compensate for the(More)
End tidal carbon dioxide measurements with an electro acoustic capnograph prototype have been demonstrated. The aim of this study was to verify that it is possible to obtain an adequate capnogram using the prototype and to investigate the influence of ambient temperature and humidity variations. By simultaneous measurements with a reference capnograph, on(More)
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