Berthold Köhler

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Aspergillus colonization is a common phenomenon in adult cystic fibrosis (CF) patients. The clinical significance of Aspergillus for the pathogenesis of CF lung disease remains unclear and factors predisposing to such colonization are still completely unknown. We investigated the prevalence of Aspergillus colonization in 104 adult CF patients who attended(More)
This publication presents new results on the formation of ultra-thin films of porcine gelatin molecules at the water/air surface. In a series of experiments we used the pendant-drop and vibrating-capacitor method for measuring dynamic surface tensions and electrostatic surface potentials. The surface shear and surface elongational rheological properties of(More)
AIMS This study was performed in a well-established in vitro model to investigate whether the application of a glyphosate-containing herbicide might affect the bacterial communities and some biochemical parameters in a cow's rumen. METHODS AND RESULTS The test item was applied in two concentrations (high and low) for 5 days. In a second trial,(More)
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