Bertha Baroody

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The sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) controls uptake and release of Ca2+ in muscle. Little information is available regarding the effect of volatile anesthetics on Ca2+ release from SR isolated from normal skeletal muscle, even though an abnormality of Ca2+ handling is implicated in malignant hyperthermia. In this study we used a Ca2+ electrode to monitor(More)
The new pyridine-2-carboxaldehyde adduct, Re(CO)3(NC6H5C(O)H)Cl 1, and previously reported complex Re(CO)3(NC6H5C(O)H)Br 2 react with aniline derivatives sulfanilamide or 4-aminofluorescein in methanol giving Schiff base conjugates Re(CO)3(pyca-R)X (pyca = pyridinecarbaldehyde imine, X = Cl, Br), 3-6. Pre-isolation of compounds 1 and 2 provides a convenient(More)
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