Bertha A. Lewis

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There is a need to standardize the NDF procedure. Procedures have varied because of the use of different amylases in attempts to remove starch interference. The original Bacillus subtilis enzyme Type IIIA (XIA) no longer is available and has been replaced by a less effective enzyme. For fiber work, a new enzyme has received AOAC approval and is rapidly(More)
The compressive strengths and compressive moduli of seven base materials (Dycal, VLC Dycal, Time-line, Vitrabond, Ketac Bond, Fuji Lining LC, XR-Ionomer) were measured at 7 minutes, 24 hours, and 90 days using 9 mm by 4 mm cylindrical specimens prepared in hollow Teflon tubes. The 24-hour and 90-day specimens were maintained for 1 hour at 37 degrees C with(More)
Earlier studies suggest that butyrate has colonic differentiating and nutritional effects and that acarbose increases butyrate production. To determine the effects of acarbose on colonic fermentation, subjects were given 50-200 mg acarbose or placebo (cornstarch), three times per day, with meals in a double-blind crossover study. Fecal concentrations of(More)
In the human and veterinary orthopaedic literature it has been implied that intercondylar notch stenosis is a mechanical factor in cranial cruciate ligament rupture and intraarticular graft failure. The patients in this study were classified as normal (32), unilateral cruciate rupture (23), or bilateral cruciate rupture (17). The dogs were placed under(More)
INTRODUCTION Dogs with an inherited predisposition to sudden death display ventricular arrhythmias having certain characteristics, such as pause dependence, that are suggestive of early afterdepolarization-induced triggered activity. We hypothesized that alpha-adrenergic stimulation may facilitate the development of these arrhythmias by inducing a reflex(More)
The effects of the solution of glucose molecules on the dynamics of solvent water have been studied by quasielastic neutron scattering (QENS) measurements on solutions of selectively deuterated glucose in natural water. The data are fitted to two Lorentzians ascribed to pure translational and mixed translational and rotational character, respectively. The(More)
Total dietary fiber (TDF) values for cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, processed foods, and purified or semi-purified dietary fiber products were determined by a new method using 8M urea and enzymes (urea enzymatic dialysis, UED, method). The results are compared with the official AOAC procedure. Soluble and insoluble dietary fiber were determined for(More)
A method that uses urea and enzymes for determination of total dietary fiber (TDF) in foods has been developed and compared with the AOAC enzymatic-gravimetric method (43.A14-43.A20). In the evaluation, results for crude protein and ash contamination were higher by the AOAC method, particularly for samples that form gels during ethanol precipitation. The(More)
The first 2,013 fetuses in 2,000 patients undergoing genetic amniocentesis at our institution were analyzed for the incidence of abnormal findings and for the safety and accuracy of the procedure. One percent of the patients were found to have aneuploid fetuses and another 1% were found to have elevated amniotic fluid concentrations of alpha-fetoprotein.(More)