Bertan Bakkaloglu

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As CMOS technology scales down, digital supply voltage and digital power consumption goes down. However, the supply voltage and power consumption of the RF front-end and analog sections do not scale in a similar fashion. In fact, in many state-of-the-art communication transceivers, RF and analog sections can consume more energy compared to the digital part.(More)
Current feedback amplifiers (CFAs) provide fast response and high slew rate with Class-AB operation. Fast response, low-dropout regulators (LDRs) are critical for supply regulation of deep-submicron analog baseband and RF system-on-chip designs. An LDR with an CFA-based second stage driving the regulation field-effect transistor is presented. The low(More)
The design and development of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) ICs is becoming increasingly expensive, complex, and lengthy. Lacking a reconfigurable platform, analog designers are denied the benefits of rapid prototyping, hardware emulation, and smooth migration to advanced technology nodes. To overcome these limitations, this work proposes a new approach that(More)
A dual-channel directional digital hearing aid front end using microelectromechanical-systems microphones, and an adaptive-power analog processing signal chain are presented. The analog front end consists of a double differential amplifier-based capacitance-to-voltage conversion circuit, 40-dB variable gain amplifier (VGA) and a power-scalable continuous(More)