Bertalan Pethö

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The authors describe the psychosis of both parents and their three daughters. The psychosis of the father and three daughters corresponds to the paranoid schizophrenias (more specifically, the affective paraphrenias), while the mother's psychosis is largely the result of induction. All 3 daughters suffer from surgically confirmed Stein-Leventhal syndrome.(More)
To study the effects of beta-endorphin in chronic schizophrenia, nine male patients participated in a double-blind crossover comparison of a single intravenous 20-mg injection of beta-endorphin and saline. Bolus injection of beta-endorphin from an albumin-coated syringe produced markedly higher plasma concentrations than did slow intravenous infusion from a(More)
As regards the clinical psychopathological diagnostics, Leonhard's classification of endogenous psychoses published in 1957 contained description of a detailed nosology with claims that the diagnostic categories included in this classification system involve differentiated predictions of course and outcome of the illness. The principal investigator (BP)(More)
A follow-up study was made in groups of female neurotic, depressive, periodic catatonic, hypertonic, hyperthyreotic patients and normal control subjects using self-rating questionnaires to assess disposition, depressivity, neuroticism and subclinical symptoms. The subclinical symptoms scale (Sub-S) was elaborated on the basis of Huber's pure defect. We(More)