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Bigger, faster, higher? The appetite for broad-band has clearly fueled the development of mobile cellular networks. On the other hand, the successful deployment of killer applications in the past 20 years has had a major impact on the markets as well: First and foremost, the need for unteth-ered telephony and, with it, wireless real-time voice communication(More)
— LTE and LTE-Advanced have been optimized to deliver high bandwidth pipes to wireless users. The transport mechanisms have been tailored to maximize single cell performance by enforcing strict synchronism and orthogonality within a single cell and within a single contiguous frequency band. Various emerging trends reveal major shortcomings of those design(More)
—Power and ground planes are required to have low impedance over a wide range of frequencies. Parallel ground and power planes in multilayer printed-circuit boards exhibit multiple resonances, which increase the impedance. Dissipative loading of the radial transmission line structure of the planes reduces the resonance peaks. The dissipative loads can be(More)
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