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This paper applies the authors' previously proposed vector valued active contour without edges model to segment tex-tured images. The model uses a level set implementation and can detect edges without the use of gradient information , making it natural for use in textured image segmenta-tion. Multiple Gabor transforms of the original image are used to(More)
We propose a mathematical framework for object detection using logic operations as a structure for defining multi-channel segmentation. The model combines object information from the different channels into any logic combination. We consider active contour methods which use one initial contour that would evolve from the information given in each channel(More)
Variational models have been studied for image segmentation application since the Mumford-Shah functional was introduced in the late 1980s. In this paper, we focus on multiphase segmentation with a new regularization term that yields an unsupervised segmentation model. We propose a functional that automatically chooses a favorable number of phases as it(More)
A new Eagle-type monochromator mounting for ruled concave gratings at off-plane angles of 45 degrees is presented. The monochromator operates at an angle of incidence a range of ~0-15 degrees , where alpha is the angle between the grating normal and the projection of the incident central ray in the Rowland plane. Spherical, cylindrical, ellipsoidal, or(More)
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