Berta Rivera

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Malnutrition is widespread in the developing world. 12 or more million low-birthweight births occur per year and 180 million children are characterized as malnourished. This chapter first assesses estimates of the extent of malnutrition in developing countries. It then surveys micro evidence about the productivity impact of improved nutrition in developing(More)
Human capabilities play an important part in the emergence from stagnation to modern economic growth. Historical and macroeconomic studies show substantial effects for nutrition and health on income levels and, for poorer countries, on rates of growth, implying divergence. Cross-country examination of the joint dynamics of life expectancy and income shows(More)
Suicide became the first cause of death between the ages of 15 and 44 in Spain in the year 2013. Moreover, the suicide rate in Spain went up by more than 9 % with respect to the previous year. This increase could be related to the serious economic recession that Spain has been experiencing in recent years. In this sense, there is a lack of evidence to help(More)
Since the mid-1990s, Spain has started to receive a great number of migrant populations. The migration process can have a significantly negative impact on mental health of immigrant population and, consequently, generate implications for the delivery of mental health services. The aim of this article is to provide empirical evidence to demonstrate that the(More)
A goal of economic research is to determine the causal relationship among economic variables. This paper introduces the Hausman speci cation test of endogeneity, for testing the independence between the stochastic regressor and the disturbances. We describe alternative approaches to estimating simultaneous-equation systems and we present an empirical(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the years of potential life lost, years of potential productive life lost and the labor productivity losses attributable to premature deaths due to traffic injuries between 2002 and 2012 in Spain. METHOD Several statistical sources were combined (Spanish Registry of Deaths, Labor Force Survey and Wage Structure Survey) to develop a(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide empirical evidence to assess whether having immigrant parents is a source of variation in health status and in health services' utilization among children. METHOD The analysis was based on the sample of children from the Catalan Health Survey, 2006. Modelling of health status and use of health services was developed from the(More)
BACKGROUND Illegal drugs consumption not only has a notable impact on the population's health, but also leads to major socio-economic costs. A significant characteristic of drug consumers is that the majority are of working age. The main aim of this study is to estimate the economic impact of drug consumption in Spain from a social perspective. METHODS A(More)
A comprehensive approach to health highlights its close relationship with the social and economic conditions, physical environment and individual lifestyles. However, this relationship is not exempt from methodological problems that may bias the establishment of direct effects between the variables studied. Thus, further research is necessary to investigate(More)
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