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CONTEXT Strategies for prevention of depression are hindered by lack of evidence about the combined predictive effect of known risk factors. OBJECTIVES To develop a risk algorithm for onset of major depression. DESIGN Cohort of adult general practice attendees followed up at 6 and 12 months. We measured 39 known risk factors to construct a risk model(More)
BACKGROUND There is evidence that the prevalence of common mental disorders varies across Europe. AIMS To compare prevalence of common mental disorders in general practice attendees in six European countries. METHOD Unselected attendees to general practices in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia and The Netherlands were assessed for major(More)
Previous reports and meta-analyses have yielded inconclusive results as to whether the s/s genotype at the 5-HTTLPR serotonin transporter polymorphism confers increased risk for depression. We tested the association between s/s genotype and depression in a large cohort (n = 737) of Spanish primary care consecutive attendees participating in a European study(More)
We report results from the PREDICT-Gene case-control study nested in a prospective cohort designed to identify predictors of the onset of depression among adult primary-care attendees. We tested the potential gene-by-environment interaction between 5HTTLPR genotype at the serotonin transporter gene and previous exposure to threatening life events (TLEs) in(More)
AIMS This study sets out to explore the use flow of mental health services by a cohort of patients with schizophrenia located in Granada (Spain). METHODS All cases (N = 844) included in the analysis were users of the community mental healthcare public service provided in the area. The Markov chain model was used to calculate the probability of transition(More)
BACKGROUND Serotonin 1-A receptors are key regulators of serotonin activity and their dysregulation might be implicated in the emergence of both major depression (MD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Previous studies have yielded inconclusive results as to whether the 5-HT1A receptor gene (HTR1A) has a role in the aetiology of MD and no study up to(More)
INTRODUCTION The geographical distribution of mental health disorders is useful information for epidemiological research and health services planning. OBJECTIVE To determine the existence of geographical hotspots with a high prevalence of schizophrenia in a mental health area in Spain. METHOD The study included 774 patients with schizophrenia who were(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective is to describe and characterize patterns of service use by out-patients with schizophrenia in Spain. METHOD A representative treated prevalence sample of cases with schizophrenia was selected from four Spanish health areas. The evaluation included health service use, clinical severity, functioning and disability. Statistical(More)
INTRODUCTION Since community-based health care was introduced, the use of mental health services by patients with serious mental disorders has been an issue of much interest. However, our knowledge of intervening factors is both scarce and partial. OBJECTIVE To study socio-demographic variables which may predict time-lapse (in days) between each(More)
UNLABELLED Brackground:The safety and tolerability of very low-calorie-ketogenic (VLCK) diets are a current concern in the treatment of obese type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients. OBJECTIVE Evaluating the short-term safety and tolerability of a VLCK diet (<50 g of carbohydrate daily) in an interventional weight loss program including lifestyle and(More)