Bert van den Bossche

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With the introduction of a self-expanding, memory-containing, circular hernia patch, surgeons have been enthusiastic about its use to repair ventral hernias smaller than 3 cm in diameter. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficiency, reliability, and safety of the device laparoscopically with respect to adequate deployment of the patch. During 1(More)
The least invasive of all surgical weight-lowering procedures is the adjustable laparoscopic gastric banding (ALGB) technique. A rare complication (0.9%–1.8% of patients) but one that may require surgical revision is leakage of the gastric banding device. This paper reports on the usefulness of technetium-99m scintigraphy for the assessment of gastric band(More)
Hepatic fibrosis is a wound healing response to insults and as such affects the entire world population. In industrialized countries, the main causes of liver fibrosis include alcohol abuse, chronic hepatitis virus infection and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. A central event in liver fibrosis is the activation of hepatic stellate cells, which is triggered(More)
Investigating three somatostatin receptor (SSTR)-positive (+) human breast cancer cell lines, Xu et al. found a time- and dose-dependent up- or down-regulation of SSTR2 mRNA expression by 17β-oestradiol (E2) or the anti-oestrogen tamoxifen, respectively, in the two oestrogen receptor-positive (ER+) cell lines but not in the oestrogen receptor-negative (ER−)(More)
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