Bert Van der Linden

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This paper describes the overall architecture and design aspects of a hybrid relational and XML database system called System RX. We believe that such a system is fundamental in the evolution of enterprise data management solutions: XML and relational data will co-exist and complement each other in enterprise solutions. Furthermore, a successful XML(More)
K. Beyer R. Cochrane M. Hvizdos V. Josifovski J. Kleewein G. Lapis G. Lohman R. Lyle M. Nicola F. Özcan H. Pirahesh N. Seemann A. Singh T. Truong R. C. Van der Linden B. Vickery C. Zhang G. Zhang Comprehensive and efficient support for XML data management is a rapidly increasing requirement for database systems. To address this requirement, DB2 Universal(More)
Relational queries on continuous streams of data are the subject of many recent database research projects. In 1998 a small group of people started a similar project with the goal to transform our product, NonStop SQL/MX, into an active RDBMS. This project tried to integrate functionality of transactional queuing systems with relational tables and with SQL,(More)
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