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Iterative methods for solving linear systems of equations can be very eecient if the structure of the coeecient matrix can be exploited to accelerate the convergence of the iterative process. However, for classes of problems for which suitable preconditioners cannot be found or for which the iteration scheme does not converge, iterative techniques may be(More)
The paper considers control problems for neuromuscular blockade and depth of anaesthesia. The control system is intended to be used in controlling the main parts of general anaesthesia. The applied measurement techniques, experimental conditions and control strategies are presented. The results of a study with 31 patients for the control of neuromuscular(More)
During the last decade, the research group Anaesthesia Control at the University of Rostock (Germany) developed an assistant system to support anaesthetists in the operating theatre. The main objectives during general anaesthesia are appropriate hypnosis, analgesia, relaxation, and stable vital functions. The development of our controllers for hypnosis and(More)
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