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Moment and work of the human calf muscles in level walking were determined by means of an EMG to force processor, based on a muscle analogue (Hof and Van den Berg (1981) J. Biomechanics, 14, 747-758, 759-770, 771-785, 787-792). Nine subjects (four women, five men) walked on a level treadmill at speeds between 0.5 and 2.5 ms-1, in their self-chosen pace and(More)
We present a new method to extract scale-invariant features from an image by using a Cosine Modulated Gaussian (CM-Gaussian) filter. Its balanced scale-space atom with minimal spread in scale and space leads to an outstanding scale-invariant feature detection quality, albeit at reduced planar rotational invariance. Both sharp and distributed features like(More)
There is a rapidly growing demand for cameras containing built-in intelligence for various purposes such as surveillance and identification. Face recognition is an important application for these cameras. Previous research has shown that faces can be well represented by parabola segments using an algorithm which fits parabola segments to edge pixels. Faces(More)
Platforms have to cope with unpredictably varying system resource requirements, because of inter-task level dynamism. To deal with this, they have to be at least partially reconfigurable. It is then important for applications to optimally exploit the memory hierarchy under varying memory availability. Moreover, in the case of intra-task dynamism, additional(More)
Future dynamic applications will require new mapping strategies to deliver power-efficient performance. Fully static design-time mappings will not be able to optimally address the unpredictably varying application characteristics and system resource requirements. Instead, the platforms will not only need to be programmable in terms of instruction set(More)
Exploitation of spatial locality is essential for memories to increase the access bandwidth and to reduce the access-related latency and energy per word. Spatial locality exploitation of a kernel can be improved by modifying placement of data in memory, but this may be felt not only by the kernel itself, but also in other application components accessing(More)
A comparison is performed between a simple hardware-controlled cache mapping and a systematic, software-controlled scratchpad mapping of a two-dimensional, lifting-based wavelet transform, in the context of dynamic applications. In this context it is important for the application to optimally exploit the memory hierarchy under the dynamically varying memory(More)
A recently designed hyperspectral imaging device enables multiplexed acquisition of an entire data volume in a single snapshot thanks to monolithically-integrated spectral filters. Such an agile imaging technique comes at the cost of a reduced spatial resolution and the need for a demosaicing procedure on its interleaved data. In this work, we address both(More)