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One of the major limitations in the speed of the atomic force microscope (AFM) is the bandwidth of the mechanical scanning stage, especially in the vertical (z) direction. According to the design principles of "light and stiff" and "static determinacy," the bandwidth of the mechanical scanner is limited by the first eigenfrequency of the AFM head in case of(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is an essential nanoinstrument technique for several applications such as cell biology and nanoelectronics metrology and inspection. The need for statistically significant sample sizes means that data collection can be an extremely lengthy process in AFM. The use of a single AFM instrument is known for its very low speed and(More)
The association constant for binding of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) by human intrinsic factor coupled to Sepharose 4B and the concentration of binding sites of the coupled intrinsic factor have been measured as a function of pH, temperature, ionic strength and the presence of various (ionic and non-ionic) components in the solution.
An adaptive mirror control strategy for tuning an optical resonator is described. The control approach is model-free and uses a small-amplitude perturbation signal to enable real-time estimation of the cost function gradient. The strategy has similarities with the approaches of `stochastic approximation' and `extremum seeking control', which are well-known(More)
In atomic force microscopy (AFM), the exchange and alignment of the AFM cantilever with respect to the optical beam and position-sensitive detector (PSD) are often performed manually. This process is tedious and time consuming, and sometimes damages the cantilever or tip. To increase the throughput of AFM in industrial applications, the ability to(More)
The tissue distribution in the rat of the bone scanning agent 99mTc(Sn)EHDP is investigated by three methods, viz. by dissecting the animals 3 and 24 h post injection, by scanning the animals with a rectilinear scanner and by whole body autoradiography, particular of micro-sections of the skeleton. The effect of varying the experimental conditions in the(More)