Bert C. Henderson

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Image-reject mixers (IRMs) and single-sideband mixers (SSMs) play a key role in many of today’s microwave and rf systems [1, 2, 3]. IRMs and SSMs reduce system cost and complexity by removing the need for expensive preselection, and one or more stages of upor downconversion. IRMs simplify downconversion by employing phase-cancellation techniques to separate(More)
A very wideband GaAs MMIC Schottky diode frequency doubler has been designed and tested; it has at least a 10–75 GHz output frequency range with indications it works to 90 GHz. Measured in a test fixture with 1.85 mm connectors over an output frequency of 10–67 GHz, it has 9 to 15 dB conversion loss, −15 to −25 dBc fundamental(More)
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